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Curious George Tin Kaleidoscope-Lange General Store

Curious George Tin Kaleidoscope

  • $ 8.99

The classic kaleidoscope with a curious twist! Just hold the Curious George Tin Kaleidoscope up to the light and twist the bottom. The colorful, multi-shaped beads inside will unfold a new coloration with each twist. It’s made with real metal and has the look and feel of a timeless tin toy. Beautifully decorated with classic Curious George designs.  Kaleidoscopes, from the Greek word for "beautiful form to see", have been fascinating children since their invention in 1816. And they still create wonder and delight in today's child.

Made out of metal, you get the timeless tin toy feel that is lacking in plastic and cardboard kaleidoscopes. As educational as it is entertaining, this classic kid's kaleidoscope fosters creativity, imagination and constant fascination.  7  X 7  x 2 inches

Ages 3+

Sold individually.

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