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Jewelry Snug Extra Pages

  • $ 12.99

Keep your jewelry organized by adding an extra page to your jewelry snug collection.
Accessorize every outfit with a different necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings. Keep your jewelry organized by giving each piece a tangle free home. After all, travel is an adventure, and you should pack prepared for yours.  *Sold as a Set of 2 Pages*

Whats included:

  • Jewelry Snug Page

How to use your extra jewelry snug page:

  • Add a page or more to your jewelry snug roll; to pack more jewelry when traveling
  • Collect extra pages to stack them in your drawers at home to safely store and organize your jewelry

    Why you need it:

    • Protects your jewelry
    • Cling seal to prevent tangling
    • Air tight to prevent tarnishing
    • Transparent pages to view your jewelry
    • Fastest way to pack delicate pieces
    • Best way to store your jewelry at home & on the go

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