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Jewelry Snug

  • $ 24.99

The simplest way to pack & protect your jewelry and keep it tangle free. 
This jewelry organizer was designed to safely store your jewelry, even those delicate pieces that easily tangle. The Jewelry Snug means never having to say “I wish I’d brought that necklace” when you arrive at your next destination. Get one, and keep your jewelry organized, portable and on-point. Buy two and make a good friend a happy fellow-traveller. After all, what good is a pair of really amazing earrings, if you can’t wear them when you want to?

Whats included:
  • Jewelry Snug Roll Page
  • Jewelry Snug Page
  • Earring & Ring Cylinder
  • Drawstring pouch

Why you need it:

  • Protects your jewelry
  • Cling seal to prevent tangling
  • Air tight to prevent tarnishing
  • Transparent pages to view your jewelry
  • Fastest way to pack delicate pieces
  • Best way to store your jewelry at home & on the go

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